About Us
who we are?

DNT Academy was founded by a veteran educationist D. Nkwetato Tamonkia in 2008. It was originally known as MyEE Online and at that time it was mainly for ESL teachers and learners to interact online. With the emergence and popularity of e-learning, MyEE Online became a full academy both online and on site (in Shanghai) where ESL learners can improve their English proficiency through free practice quizzes online, take customized courses in English as a second language and get useful advice on how to choose a good major, choose a good university for further studies as well as a study destination. Business professionals needing English at work also use DNT Academy for customized courses that meet the needs of specific industries. English is now considered a universal language, hence, at our academy we take all speakers of English seriously because we believe that speakers of English as a second language will always outnumber speakers of English as a first language, popularly known as native English speakers. We therefore aim at educating all English speakers regardless of which countries they come from, the proficiency level they have. and the accent. Everyone speaks with an accent. What's important is to communicate clearly and be understood by other users of English language. That's who we are.


At DNT Academy our vision is affordable quality Education for all learners without obstacles like distance, lack of finances, infrastructure, teachers and materials.


Our mission is to empower all learners with the learning tools they need, to learn at their own pace and without worrying about obstacles, using the power of internet technology.

our management team
Dee - Founder
Teacher Dee. Founder
Riba San. Trainer
Seza Bent. Trainer.
why choose us ?

We are professionals and veterans in the industry. All our staff have at least 10 years of experience on the field. You should choose us because we put our customers first. We are always updating our customers with the latest changes in the industry that have an effect on them and this is one of the most satisfactory things our loyal customers talk about.

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Our Consulting Services

DNT Academy Consulting
Teacher Placements

Are you a qualified teacher looking for online students or a position in a school in China? Send us your CV and we will arrange an online interview with you.

Educational opportunities for students Abroad

Are you a student planning to study abroad in countries like the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Finland, etc? Get in touch. We will have a chat with you, assess your needs and assist you where we can.

Schools in need of Teachers

Are you an educational institution in need of qualified staff to fill vacant positions? Contact us with the job profiles and we will find the right staff for you.

Parents looking for tutors

Are you a parent looking for a tutor for your child? Contact us and we will assess the needs of your child and link you with a qualified tutor.