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Kick off your journey to further education abroad in top educational institutions by taking one or more of the following standardized tests: TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT and SAT.
Chongqing University Scholarship Offers
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Studying in China is a unique experience thousands of students around the world dream about. Do you have the same dream?
Free English Listening Test For Beginners
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If you can't speak and write English you can at least listen and understand what English speakers are saying!
Free Online Grammar Test For Beginners
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Grammar is the backbone of effective English Language Communication!
Free Online Business English Vocabulary Test
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Effective Business English Communication is a a crucial part of business in the modern world.
Adult ESL: Living a balanced life
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One of the most difficult goals for people to achieve in life is living a balanced life successfully.
Seafood Vocabulary – 40 Words
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What is seafood? How many kinds of seafood can you name? What's your favorite seafood restaurant?
IELTS Speaking Practice Questions – The Internet
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IELTS Speaking Practice: Frequently asked questions about the internet and useful answer tips. Parts 1, 2 & 3 covered.
Tricky 2-Syllable English Word Sets
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Do you get confused when you hear certain English words because they sound very similar to other words you already know?
Tricky 1-Syllable English Word Sets
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Some basic English words confuse beginners because of similarities with other words in terms of spelling, pronunciation and meaning.
Online IELTS Self-Preparation Course
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100 hours of studies in 12 weeks for you to be ready for your IELTS. Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking practice exercises all included with guidance and feedback from an experienced tutor.
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