Gold Class Online
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The Gold Class - 60 minutes one-on-one lesson with Teacher Dee is the most suitable for learners who are busy and don't have much time to study. Just 60 minutes of learning every day can make a great difference in your life. Note the following points:

1. Add this lesson to your cart and checkout. Once your payment is received, Teacher Dee will contact you and schedule your lesson online.

2. Your lesson will be taught online using WeChat, Skype, Zoom, Tencent Meeting, Classin, etc depending on which one is convenient for the learner and the teacher.

3. You can book several classes if you like and your schedule will cover the number of classes you have paid for.

4. Teacher Dee will show the learner a list of lesson topics available for the learner to choose. However, learners have the right to make specific regarding what they want to learn.

5. When you buy this class for the first time, Teacher Dee will have a discussion with you regarding your learning goals and give you free advice on how to achieve your goals.