36 Sentences Using Adjectives, Adverbs and Nouns

Can you write 36 sentences using given adjectives, adverbs and nouns?

For many ESL learners, it is a challenge to use various forms of the same word like the adjective, adverb and noun form. In this worksheet below, some common adjectives have been selected for the student. The first task is to find the adverb and noun forms of each adjective. The student can do this with the aid of a dictionary if the words prove too difficult. Task 2 is to be able to make a correct sentence with each of the words.

This exercise is suitable for beginners although they may find it a bit challenging. Intermediate level students can also use this exercise to review and refresh their knowledge on adjectives, adverbs and nouns.

Students can do this exercise in groups as well as individually. Since the exercise involves writing many sentences, it is more suitably done as homework. However, teachers can use the worksheet as a classroom activity if the learners already have a good knowledge and mastery of adjectives, adverbs and nouns.

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