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Studying in China is a unique experience thousands of students around the world dream about. Do you have the same dream?

Would you like to study in China? If you do, you have made a life-changing decision and many years later you may remember this day and this moment when you found this link online and clicked on it.

For more than a century, the most popular study-abroad destinations were mainly in the part of the world generally referred to as the West. Until 2011, according to data from The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD),  Asian students accounted for over 53% of students enrolled in Higher Education institutions overseas worldwide. Well, not anymore. New attractive study-abroad destinations in the East have emerged and are now reshaping what was once considered as "all roads lead to the West."

While the number of Asian students going to the West for further studies remains comparatively high, the number of students coming from the West and other parts of the world like Africa to study in Asia has increased astronomically. With China taking the lead as the most popular host country in Asia for international students, more and more institutions of Higher Education have established cooperation with their peers in China. Most Universities in China now have some form of cooperation with other institutions from countries around the world.

Scholarship offers in China are abundant and varied in nature. Here are the 3 most popular ones.

There is the Chinese government scholarship popularly referred to as the Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC).

There is the Chinese local government scholarship controlled by the provincial or municipal government.

There is the Confucius Institute scholarship

In addition to the 3 popular ones above, universities also often run their own scholarship programs.

Whether it is studying Chinese language or medicine or art or IT, studying in China has become increasingly trendy ever since China became an indispensable global economic player. Many who study in China end up falling in love with the culture, working and even building a family in China after graduation. You are perhaps on your way to becoming one of such persons.

Click on this link to look at some scholarship offers from Chongqing University.

Welcome to China!

Study in Chongqing University

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