Seafood Vocabulary – 40 Words
What is seafood? How many kinds of seafood can you name? What's your favorite seafood restaurant?

Let's learn new words that refer to seafood.

Many people love seafood and seafood restaurants are very popular in any city of the world. In coastal cities it is common to find seafood markets where you can buy raw seafood and cook at home. Many people also claim that seafood is more nutritious. This may explain why seafood is usually slightly more expensive and considered fancy when people dine out. 

The word "seafood" is actually a general word for a large variety of food. As a beginner in English, you should know that such general words don't make complete sense when used unless more specific words are used to name particular items. It is important to note that the word seafood sometimes can refer to food that doesn't actually come from the sea. In this vocabulary lesson you will learn how to name specific food items that are commonly found on the menus in seafood restaurants.

For the purpose of practice and vocabulary retention you will find two versions of the downloadable files. The first file has pictures of seafood items and the second file has the same pictures but no labels. You can learn the words first and then in the second file you practice writing the correct words next to the pictures without looking at the first file to see how many words you can remember just by looking at the pictures.

If you are a study group you can actually play a game with the words and pictures.

Game idea 1:

Cut out the pictures without labels and share equally among the group. In turns, one person puts a picture on the table and the first person to say the name of what is on the picture wins the right to put the next picture on the table. The winners of the game are those who are first to finish the cards they have in hand. The losers are those stuck with cards in hand because they didn't say the names of items put on the table fast enough.

Game idea 2.

One person has the pictures of seafood and the other has the words. One person puts the word on the table and the other finds the picture. If they get it right they get a point. Then they choose a picture and put it on the table, the opponent finds the correct name for the item and puts on the picture. At the end points are counted to get the winner and the loser.

There are many other game ideas that can be used to learn and retain this words.

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