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Grammar for beginners. Test yourself in 20minutes.

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For beginners learning English as a second language, grammar is a big obstacle to quick progress in learning but inevitable for a mastery of English language. One way to keep your knowledge of grammar fresh is to take short quizzes online like the DNT Academy GrammarBL Test.

This test is one of the many tests available to students at DNT Academy. Students can take the test online from their smartphones, tablets and computers as long as they are connected to the internet. The test is free and students can see the results immediately they finish and submit their answers.

The test consists of 40 questions to be answered in 20 minutes. The question format is "choose the correct answer" in most cases making it easy for students to spend less than one minute on each question. Most students finish the quiz in 15 minutes and spend 5 minutes going back and forth to check their answers. For students who are slow enough not to finish in 20 minutes, the timer stops at 20 minutes and the page automatically submits what the student has already done.

The 40 questions cover among others, key grammar topics like subject-verb agreement, tenses, forms of words and prepositions. Beginners are expected to master the basics of these topics before they move to the intermediate level. Some beginners find the test quite challenging if they have not taken any English language courses prior to the test. Beginners who have studied English for at least 6 months are very likely to pass the test. The test is therefore recommended for beginners who have already taken some courses in English as a second language not beginners who are planning to start learning English.

This grammar test is only one part of a series of different tests offered by DNT Academy. There are similar tests for vocabulary, reading, listening, writing and speaking. Students who would like to test all these skills in one session should contact the administration at DNT Academy for guidance.

Click here to go to the grammar test page.

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