Tricky 2-Syllable English Word Sets
Do you get confused when you hear certain English words because they sound very similar to other words you already know?

Tricky 2-Syllable English Word Sets

We have already provided a list of 1-syllable English words sets in our previous blog post which you can find at this link.

Most 1-syllable English words are easy to pronounce for beginners but 2-syllable English words are more challenging because learners begin to face the problem of stress patterns. That means, in addition to learning the meaning, usage and pronunciation of a word, learners also have to learn which syllable of the word is stressed and which one is unstressed. Take for example the word "import". If you stress the first syllable of the word, you are using the word as a noun. Example: Let us consider this product as an import. If you stress the second syllable of the word you are using it as a verb. Example: Let is import this product. Try to say the word import aloud two times, first as a noun and then as a verb. Use your digital English dictionary to cross check the pronunciation. There are many similar examples in English. Every time you see a 2-syllable English word, ask yourself which of the two syllables is stressed.

Below is a list of 2-syllable English word sets beginners find challenging for many reasons. You should read through the list to improve your English vocabulary. For each word, check the correct pronunciation first using a digital English dictionary, then learn the meaning of the word. After that, find out which part of speech the word falls in and how it can be changed into other forms. Finally, practice making your own sentence with that word. Remember you can always send us your sentences for correction using our contact page.

100+ 2-Syllable English Word Sets

  • Advice, Advise, Adverse
  • Affect, Effect, Defect
  • Allude, Elude, Collude
  • Altar, Alter, Alder, Older
  • Became, Become, Beckon, Begun
  • Beside, Besides, Bedside
  • Booming, Bombing, Blooming
  • Carat, Caret, Carrot, Karat
  • Caress, Careless, Carries
  • Compress, Comprise, Compose
  • Counsel, Council, Cancel
  • Defuse, Diffuse, Refuse
  • Desert, Dessert, Dissect
  • Father, Farther, Further, Feather
  • Fonder, Fondle, Founder, Flounder
  • Foreword, Forward, Farewell, Forewarn
  • Formal, Format, Former, Farmer
  • Hangar, Hanger, Hunger
  • Intern, Intend, Intent
  • Lever, Liver, Leaver, Lava
  • Listen, Listing, Lessen, Lesson
  • Morning, Mourning, Mooning, Money
  • Mother, Murder, Model
  • Moral, Morale, Modal
  • Open. Upon, Opine
  • Precede, Proceed, Process, Possess
  • Quietly, Quickly, Queenly, Queerly
  • Remain, Remind, Remand, Remade
  • Starring, Staring, Starting, Starling 
  • Tester, Taster, Toaster, Tosser
  • Upgrade, Update, Upload
  • Very, Vary, Viral

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